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Art n Craft

Art classes are very influential towards kids because they affect kids in ways that many other classes cannot. Art classes will help develop a child's creativity, thought process, and their way of expression.

Art education help guides a child's mental development, conserve and transmits heritage, helping kids to recognize and appreciate the diverse perspectives they will encounter in an increasingly global community. Art gives kids the ability to, "draw meaningful relationships among the artworks they have created and interpreted during the preparation, many parts of the brain are involved when learning about art and it builds deep cognitive connections. This explains how children understand that one symbol may represent different ideas among many cultures.

The importance of art education can be understood through the habits that the kids form. Children discover new things while creating art, and they are then able to adapt the new knowledge to daily life. Children can apply what they learn in art classes to everyday life. Their thought processes develop greatly. Students begin to approach everything creatively and this will even help them in other classes. Habits are formed from trial and error in projects. Art projects teach children the value of learning how to make effective solutions and learn from them. Art education is essential for growth and development because children not only express creativity but, they learn important life lessons as well.

At Peek A Boo art is all around and creating art allows kids at Peek A boo to envision and understand the world on a different level. Our teachers at Peek A Boo drive the creativity and the imagination of children while allowing them to express themselves.