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Mad About Science

From the kitchen to the playground and even in the car, science is all around us.

The overall goals of children's development in science are to deepen their conceptual understandings of the world around them, to increase their comprehension of how science is practiced and to develop their abilities to conduct scientific investigations. See how you can help children meet and achieve these science milestones with a supportive environment.

Everything is new and interesting to one-year-olds. They want to use their five senses to actively explore the world around them. The process of shaking, tasting, banging, dropping and otherwise manipulating objects teaches children important scientific properties. Experiencing cause and effect is exciting too. And once a discovery is made, one-year-olds want to make it happen again, and again, and again!

Two-year-olds are highly curious about unfamiliar objects, events and phenomena. They gather information using all their senses and motor skills. They also notice what happens as the result of certain actions and are beginning to categorize objects into groups. Their early language skills make descriptions of observations and experiences challenging, but they can make simple statements and use gestures to help communicate ideas.

Three-year-olds use all of their senses to make sense of the world around them. Their growing language skills help them to talk about their observations and experiences. In seeking solutions to problems, children at this age typically try different ideas until a successful one is found.

Help your child explore the world of science with Peek A Boo kids science workshops.